Download SIMO 1.0.0

Thanks for downloading SIMO!
You have two choices for SIMO installation: executable and source distribution. Executable version is recommended for Windows, while for Linux and OS X we recommend the source distribution.


The executable distribution is a self contained version that you can run as is without installing anything extra on your computer.

The source distribution is run with a Python interpreter and contains all the program source code. To use the source distribution you'll need a Python installation and a C-compiler.
Click here to download the platform independent source distribution (runs on Linux, Mac and Windows).

Installing SIMO

Once you've finished downloading SIMO, decompress the archived file to a folder you want to install SIMO to. The decompression will create a folder called simo in the decompression folder. After decompression, read the Installation section of the SIMO_manual.pdf file in the simo folder.



Release Notes

See the release notes for more information about this release.

Release Date

Mar 10, 2016