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Parameter table

The parameter table document defines parameter models used.

An example of the document contents is given below, for a comprehensive description of all the possible content options see the schema document. Data continuation and abbreviated content expressed as …:

The root level tag contains a reference to the schema document which is used to validate the content of the XML document:

<parameter_tables xmlns=""

A parameter table includes always classifiers. Here a parameter table named “regeneration_limits_TAPIO” is used as an example. The parameter table has attributes MANAGEMENT_REGION, TAPIO_cultivation and SC as classifiers from comp_unit level:

<parameter_table name="regeneration_limits_TAPIO" type="parameter_table"
      desc="Regeneration mean diameter limits by geographical area, Tapio
      cultivation alternative and site class">

The last classifier for the table can optionally be of type float in which case the values for the target variable values are interpolated based on the classifier values for the last classifier:


Target is data when the result of parameter table is value of data variable. Here the model gives the value of regen_dgm attribute in comp_unit level as a result:


Here in the table the regeneration diameter for the certain attribute combinations are given. First three digits are classifiers and the last is the regeneration diamter:

         <value>1 1 1 28</value>
         <value>1 1 2 28</value>
         <value>1 1 3 28</value>
         <value>1 1 4 25</value>
         <value>1 1 5 25</value>
         <value>1 1 6 25</value></table>

Different types of targets


Target can also be a operation parameter (operation_parameter) when result of parameter table is used only as parameter of harvest or silvicultural operations. Here operation parameter N is given: