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Message translation

The message translation document defines translation of messages used.

An example of the document contents is given below, for a comprehensive description of all the possible content options see the schema document. Data continuation and abbreviated content expressed as …:

The root level tag contains a reference to the schema document which is used to validate the content of the XML document:

    xsi:schemaLocation=" ../schemas/message_translation_table.xsd">

A message translation is grouped by logging level and logger. Here the logging level is “debug” and the logger is “simulation”. Other alternatives for the logging level are “info”, “warning”, “error” and “exception” , and for the logger “data import”, “optimization”, “output” and “simo”. The message (message) includes original message and the translation of the message for certain language:

<log_level name="debug">
      <logger name="simulation">
            <from>Variable '(.+)' defined at level '(.+)' in lexicon
                  but not used in the simulation!
                  <lang name="fi">Muuttuja '$1' on määritelty sanastossa
                        tasolla '$2', mutta sitä ei käytetä simuloinnissa!