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Cash flow model

The cash flow modelbase defines cash flow models that affect different prices and costs over time.

An example of the document contents is given below, for a comprehensive description of all the possible content options see the schema document. Data continuation and abbreviated content expressed as …:

The root level tag contains a reference to the schema document which is used to validate the content of the XML document:

<cash_flow_modelbase xmlns=""

Each cash flow model has a unique name and an implementation. The implementation is defined by giving the cash flow model library module, where the actual programmatic implementation is, as well as the programming language for the implementation (at the moment only Python is supported):


Each model gets it’s reference cash flow values from a cash flow table (Cash flow):


Cash flow models can also have input variables, which are taken from current data variables:


Optional content

In addition to the cash flow table, a date can be specified for the reference values. In that case the cash flow table for the reference values must have the start and end dates specified for each of the value tables it contains (:ref: cash-flow-table-xml). The table that overlaps the date specified for the reference values is then used to get the reference values: