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Known issues with SIMO installation

On windows, missing dlls (msvcr*.dll) or incorrect Side-by-side configuration error

It’s possible that you get an error complaining about missing dlls (namely, one that starts with msvcr) or “Side-by-side configuration is incorrect” (“Rinnakkaismääritys on virheellinen” if you’re Finnish). This should only happen in situations where the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package has not been installed on your system.


(Re)Install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package.

Problem with Twisted installation:

It may happen that your system doesn’t have libraries needed to build the bzip2 support into SIMO’s Python. In that case the buildout installation of SIMO will terminate at Twisted installation with the message:

Error: Couldn't install Twisted 8.2.0

(or whatever the Twisted version might be when you’re installing). A fex lines above you’ll see something like this:

error: Not a recognized archive type: /tmp/tmpV4NoSrget_dist/Twisted-8.2.0.tar.bz2


You need to install development version of bzip2 and rebuild the Python used by SIMO. On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libbz2-dev
rm -rf parts/python-2.6

and everything should finish cleanly.

On systems using the rpm based package management, try:

sudo yum install bzip2-devel

for the first step.