SIMO is built on open source technology, which means anyone can help in the development process. Coding, hunting down bugs, documentation, all help is welcome. The information below will give you an idea of how you can contribute to SIMO.



One of the best ways to help SIMO is to write code. Check out the code from the SVN repository and start familiarising yourself with the documentation and the doctests inthe codebase. Once you're ready to contribute some code, please request SVN write access from dev (at)

Improving Quality

Reporting bugs to dev (at) is a good example of how to contribute to the SIMO Project.

Documenting SIMO

The core idea of SIMO is its adaptability. To take advantage of that, it would certainly help to have the XML definitions and documentation available in a familiar language. You can contribute by localizing SIMO to your own language. See the contact page for details for getting in touch.

Adapting SIMO

As its origins are in the Department of Forest Resource Management at the University of Helsinki, the simulators defined so far are localised to Finland and specific to forest management planning.
Feel free to adapt SIMO to your own country or application domain.